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Illustratie, logo, overtrekken, grafisch vormgeven:Illustrator cursus

Foto's bewerken, restaureren, collages: Photoshop cursus

Webdesign cursus en opleiding
HTML code, CSS code, SEO, webpagina's
en CMS (content management systemen).

Ontwerp boeken, brochures en tijdschriften met een cursus InDesign of de opleiding Grafisch Vormgeven

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Courses for future professionals

You are here because you want to learn. And we enjoy explaining it. For ten years now. Do you want to perfectly shape your creative ideas? With professional, step by step lesson material you will now really learn it.  

CreativePark courses: Illustrator course, Photoshop course, InDesign course and webdesign

No English spoken courses?

Say what?

We do have English spoken courses! But we are currently in the process of translating the entire website. The estimated time of publication of the English section is end of 2013.

The courses are all available in English. Don't hesitate to call or send an e-mail to to find out when you can start.


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Graphic design education (38 wks)

During this complete graphic design education you will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
After that you switch to Adobe InDesign in which you can add illustrations and logos (that you make in Illustrator) and photos (that you edit in Photoshop) with text to create the perfect magazine, brochure or flyer.
More about the graphic design education >

Webdesign education (31 wks)

The webdesigner education will teach you HTML code, CSS code, websites design and how to use Flash  (that can also be used for app design).
You will also learn Photoshop (or, if you prefer, Illustrator) and Dreamweaver to help you design and build websites from scratch.
More about the webdesign education >

Photoshop education (28 wks)

This Photoshop education is een must for anywone wanting to professionally edit images. You can start without any prior knowledge and will learn how to use Photoshop from scratch. Masks, layers, photo corrections: you will finally learn it all.
More about the Photoshop education >

Illustrator education (21 wks)

Tijdens deze opleiding leert u alles over Illustrator. U begint bij de basis en gaat vervolgens onder andere ontwerpen digitaliseren, schetsen overtrekken en werken met vectoren, presentaties en moodboards maken en omkleurtechnieken gebruiken.
Meer over de illustrator opleiding >


Illustrator courses

CreativePark has Illustrator courses for each profession that requires using it. There is a Illustrator course for novices, an Illustrator course for Advanced users and one for experts. There are Illustrator course for fashion designers and stylists, one for architects. There is an Illustrator patterns course and a course in which you learn how to trace in Illustator. Find more in the Illustrator course overview.

Webdesign courses

As a (future) webdesigner or developer you will probably want to learn all about code, design of websites and search engine optimization. Because being a webdesigner requires a great array of tools it is likely you will want to learn even more. Find an overview of all webdesign courses on this page.

Photoshop courses

With four Photoshop courses you can either start from scratch or jump in at a higher level.
We also have Photoshop courses that cover special topics such as masks, channels or the pen tool to create Photoshop work paths.
Have a look at the overview of all our Photoshop courses.

Graphic design courses

Graphic design also has an array of courses. You can attend a full education for Graphic Designer or attend the InDesign course. During the InDesign course you will learn typography, layout and create attractive combinations of images, illustrations and text.
During the Graphic Designer Education you will also learn Photoshop and Illustrator.




Wacom: tekentabletten met pen, stylus, fun & touch, cintiq en veel meer
Mouse in the shape of a pen. Alle models are available with a little extra.

Adobe: software voor creatieven
Adobe software for a good price. We only sell to students, pricing is on demand.

Wuala: veilige cloud opslag van uw data
Save your files on safe, Swiss servers and access them from your desktop, laptop or mobile devices. No American servers.

LucasFonts, lettertypen ontwerper, fonts design
, a font designer in Germany. Think of Calibri and many more fonts.

Hillary Fox
Websiteof a photographer for Getty Images (stock image site).

Stock websites

You will need good images to work with during many courses. Not only can you use images that are made by our own photographers, you can also find links here to websites with free or commercial stock images. There is a solution for every budget and many are free.

Stockfoto's, paid
Getty Images

Stockfoto's, free
Morque File
Stock Exchange
RGB Stock

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